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Without the generous support of our sponsors the Fair would not be possible!


Frequently Asked Questions


How many students can be in a group?

Only two (2) students can be in a group.



How many students per school can enter into the Science Fair?

For elementary school, students in grades 4 to 8 can enter the fair. In order to maximize quality science fair projects, students must first demonstrate proficiency in presenting a project at the school level. The number of projects allowed per school is 20 projects. High schools are not restricted in the number of students who enter.


Can I enter the WRSTEF as an independent?

No student may enter the WRSTEF Regional Fair without permission from a teacher advisor. If a school holds a formal Science Fair, only students who received a Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate at the school level of competition should enter the Regional level of competition. For home schooled students, your project must first be approved by our chief judge. You can email them at


I am a parent, how do I request space?

Please contact your child's teacher to manifest an interest to participate in the science fair. Your child's teacher will then request space to participate in the fair. In the event that the school is having a fair and your child's grade is not included (eg, that grade participates in a different activity), we cannot accept him or her.


Where is the Fair being hosted this year?

For WRSTEF2024, the fair will be hosted at the University of Windsor. 


I am a teacher, how do I request for space? Am I obligated to pay for all these spots?

Thank you for being the teacher sponsor. To request space, click on Registration and then Space Registration and enter the pertinent information. This will help us determine rooms, medals, and judges required and we understand that numbers may change. Please add one or two requests to your intended number, up to twenty. After space registration closes, you will receive an email with PINs to distribute to your students.


I just missed the registration deadline; can I still register my students/kid? 

Please contact as soon as possible to process this request. However, since space is limited we reserve the right to deny these requests.


How much does it cost? How do I pay?

The cost is $30 per student, $60 per pair. Penalty fee may apply to any student who did not online register by the deadline. A late fee of $50 per student can also be applied as per the discretion of the registrar. Please note that the participation cost per student is approximately $60 where the difference is covered by the generosity of our sponsors.



Once your students have registered, your school is responsible for paying the total amount. The teacher contact will receive an invoice once the registration is closed. No money will be refunded. If a student drops out, the school is responsible for collecting the registration fee from the student.


One school, one cheque, please. Only one payment per school will be accepted. If your students are responsible to pay their own entrance fee, these payments need to be consolidated by your school. Make cheque payable to WRSTEF. No cheques will be accepted during the set up day without paying the penalty fee $50 per student ($100 pair). No students will be allowed to set up until the school has paid the fee. No awards will be handed out until the school has paid the fee.


What can students win?

Refer to awards section of the website for awards that were given in the past.


Can students use animals and humans in their project?

Yes, if done so with PRIOR permission from the chief judge. Please email The forms are available on the Students' page.. Look under Project Guidelines for the animal use policy. Use of animals for experimentation follows STRICT rules and regulations. Projects not following proper protocols will be disqualified.


Can students use food for consumption in their project?

No food items can be ingested by human participants. If using human participants, specific forms must be filled out and submitted prior to competition. 


Where do I order backboards from?

Each school board has their own policy.


This is my child's first fair, can I stay with him/her for the duration of the event?

No. Once the activities have started, your child will be busy. There are designated parents' area that will available during the fair. Also, there will be plenty of supervision. You may join your child once judging is completed and for public viewing.


Updated: January 2024